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How To Join Credit Alliance

To become a member, the merchant is required: 1.Your products or service need to have a discount rate ranging . 2.You must become member of GTDollar Credit Alliance 3.You must use GTDollar Credit Alliance Logo in your website 4′You must agree and obey our user gtdoll.com Member of GTDollar must obey terms and conditions in […]


1. What is GTDollar GTDollar is virtual electronic money; it can be used to pay for services and products purchased at member stores of GT Credit Alliance. 2. How to Get GTDollar? GTDollar will be issued to you by our authorized issuer (member). For example, if you have purchased a product or service which costs […]



How To Use

Get to know gtdollar. The future of money is changing. With so many payment methods, what you need is a smarter and more secure way to pay. Think of gtdollar as a digital wallet, where you can more securely store your financial and personal information. With gtdollar, you have the freedom and flexibility to pay […]

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Headquarter : 47 Scotts Road, #04-02 Goldbell Tower,Singapore 228233 T el: (65) 6835 9885 Fax: (65) 6835 9905 Email: inquiries@gtdollar.com Web Site:http://gtdollar.com  Customer Service Tel: (65) 6835 9421 Fax: (65) 6835 9905 Email: service@gtdollar.com